Precision Diecast Zinc Alloy

Hot Chamber Diecast / Pressure Die Casting
The precision zinc alloy die casting parts with unit weight of 0.15g above, that SHIUH SHING has been manufacturing for years, require not only the state-of-art production machinery, measurement and testing equipment, but also technical capabilities and experiences. The accuracy of our precision die casting products has achieved an unilateral tolerance of 0.01mm subject to product design.  In addition, we are confident to meet the high technical standards and quality examinations, including thread ring gauge, torque test, strength test and destructive test.

The zinc die casting can be applied to various kinds of components for a wide range of industries. The distinct material characteristics of zinc alloy are its low melting point, good fluidity, high strength and hardness, high dimensional precision and stability, ability to further processing, good thin wall capability, suitability for high-volume mass production, long die life, and high corrosion resistance. Therefore, zinc alloy die casting is an ideal alternative to many industrial component materials.

Resistor / Potentiometer / Sensor Bushing

Diecast Cable & Connector Barrel

Ultra Small Precision Casting Parts

Precision Casting – Metal Shaft for Switches

OEM Precision Parts – Die Casting Zinc Alloy

Precision Die Casting Products – Lock Parts

Custom Casting Parts – Inflating Needle

Die Casting Zinc Alloy – Music Instrument Parts

Precision Casting Machinery Parts

OEM TV Signal Distribution Splitter

Precision Castparts – Camera Accessories Parts

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Precision Zinc Die Casting Compoents