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One-stop Small Parts Manufacturing Service: Molding, Zinc Die Casting Parts, Injection Molded Plastic Parts

SHIUH SHING established in 1974 in Taiwan has been specializing in providing the integrated OEM services that consist of mold design and mold making, zinc die casting parts and plastic injection parts at our production site, as well as the additional processing, surface treatment and plating with our service partners.

Through the on-hand solid experience for more than 40 years, we came to understand profoundly about the characteristics of raw materials as well as the functionality of relevant manufacturing and processing machines. While working with us, our clients are not only experiencing the high requirements for quality stability from us, but also the closely status monitoring of the ongoing projects or work-in-process orders. They are able to feel our practical and steady professional attitude and open mindset to communicate, to handle and resolve challenges.

The reason SHIUH SHING can stand firm in the industry for many years is we believe that only with integrity and professionalism to serve our clients, we can grow together with the clients and achieve win-win business benefits.